Company Registrations, Profiles, Logos, Intro & Outro Videos

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Intros are very important to have so your audience knows who you are & can show that you have a brand, are dedicated to your company and who you are! If your intro doesn’t do these three things, it’s time to get a new intro.

Outros, also called “EndSlates” are important if the person watching your video watches the entire thing and wants to continue with your call to action, make sure to have something on the end of the video.

Registering a company can be one of the best ways you can expand your business and help ensure its success. Not only will you be free of liability, but lower tax rates will mean that you can focus on turning your business into the lucrative venture you want it to be.

Having a logo makes your company instantly recognizable, improving your marketing efforts. But it doesn’t stop there. A logo also helps to improve your relationship with your clients. They will see you as a more professional company, and can even start

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